BOHÈME bath soak


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The Bohème blend is a combination of everything you want in a scent to feel grounded + connected to sacred feminine energy.

Warm Sandalwood, fresh Bergamot, comforting Patchouli, layers of spice from Pink Peppercorn + Vanilla, and a sweet floral finish of Geranium + Ylang Ylang.

Created with the lovely Kimi of Indie Home as the muse who embodies the Bohème spirit: feminine, sultry, mysterious, complex, powerful +  a bit wild
Bath Soak Ingredients/Uses:
Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Shea Butter, East Indian Sandalwood*, Bergamot*, Pink Pepper*, Patchouli*, Vanilla*, Geranium*, Ylang Ylang*
*certified organic ingredient

· Add 2-4 tbsp (or more) to bath, rest & relax
· Add an extra drop of Bohème Essential Oil Blend for a more immersive aroma

Aromatic Description
warm and woody, spicy, sweet, fresh, and a little floral

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